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MVR flow chart
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MVR + stripper
MVR flow chart
MVR Compressor
MVR process 3D chart
MVR model
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MVR蒸發器概述/MVR evaporators overview
       MVR蒸發器(mechanical vapor recompression)的簡稱,蒸發器產生的二次蒸汽經過壓縮后再利用的新型蒸發器。只需開車啟動將物料加熱到蒸發溫度即可蒸發,正常運轉時基本無需外界能源,蒸發濃縮領域中的能耗節約的新技術。早在60年代,徳國和法國已經開始的將該技術應用于化工、制藥、造紙、污水處理、海水淡化等行業。
It is Short for MVR evaporator (mechanical vapor recompression). It is a new kind of evaporator which may reuse secondary steam (after compression after compression) produced by the evaporator after compression. You only need to start up the equipment and heat the material to evaporation temperature. Almost no external energy source is needed for normal operation. This is a new kind of technology which requires least energy in evaporation and concentration area. Since 1960s, Germany and France have begun to apply this technology in chemical, pharmaceutical, paper-making, sewage treatment, seawater desalination and other industries.
This MVR evaporation starts and heats by steam or electric heating device; it is of automatic control by PLC; it can start and stop at any time with high automation degree. 

MVR的技術特點/The technical features of MVR
1) Low energy consumption and low operation cost;
2) Small floor area;
3) Fewer supporting utilities;
4) Smooth operation, high automation degree ;
5) No need for primary steam;
6) Adopts the principle of single effect evaporation with short evaporation residence time;
7) Simple process, strong adaptability, excellent load operation feature;
8) Almost no need for cooling water supply;
9) Need no vacuum to keep running.

MVR的技術參數/Technical parameter of MVR
1) Evaporation of a ton of water needs electricity up to 45-70 kilowatt-hour, no other energy consumption is needed;
2) It can realize low temperature evaporation (40℃)

MVR的應用推廣范圍/Application and promotion scope of MVR
1)蒸發濃縮               1) evaporation and concentrationn
2)蒸發結品               2) evaporation and crystallization
3)低溫蒸發               3) low temperature evaporation

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