Our company is a professional manufacturer of scraper evaporator, vacuum rake dryer, two-way stirring reaction kettle and other chemical equipments. Our company is located at the side of the boundless expanse of blue Taihu Lake and is next to the picturesque Taihu Lake scenic resort. It is near the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Railway to the north; 500 meters away from Nanquan Exit of Taihu Lake High-Speed to the south; next to Wuxi Economic Development Zone, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and China National Highway 312 to the east. Our company is only 5 kilometers away from Wuxi Airport. We enjoy unique environmental and transportation advantages.

Our company has high quality energy-saving sewage treatment system, energy-saving wastewater treatment system and energy-saving sewage & wastewater treatment system. Our company is a manufacturer engages in chemical equipment production for many years which combines research, development and production of petrochemical equipment as a whole. We not only owns test, production and manufacturing equipments of first class, also we have a team of talented technicians from famous petrochemical equipment research and manufacturing units with outstanding achievements. We also have a group of production management personnel and excellent technical personnel engaging in mechanical equipment manufacturing for many years. Our company will devoted ourselves to research, development and manufacturing of oil and chemical equipments and make effort to constantly update and improve the equipment of said fields to reach or exceed world advanced level.

Our company signed long-term wastewater treatment cooperation agreement with Singapore ANNAIK Group (Pioneer Environmental Technology Pte Ltd.). We adopt stripping and distillation + MVR energy-saving technology to perform deep treatment of sewage and wastewater of all industries. All kinds of wastewater which is hard to be treated can be treated from its source. We meet all discharging requirements of customers by various treatment methods and the wastewater after treatment always win praises from customers.

The company always insists on “Customer First, Credit First, Quality First” principle to provide service for new and old customers in order to make contribution for Chinese Petrochemical Industry.

Our company makes increasing investment on technical improvement every year. We realize programming, normalization and standardization of technical design. We make great effect to develop the factory by technology. We develop key and famous products based on new product development. We mainly produce flaker, distillation tower, two-way mixing reaction kettle, evaporator, heat exchanger, ripple packing and all kinds of automatic control systems and provide design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning of complete set of equipments and also do turn-key project. Our products have been sold to India, Japan, Singapore, Laos and other countries which win good phrase from customers! We sincerely welcome letters from and visits by all customers for guidance!